One-of-a-kind journeys

Our specialties are adventure and leisure, or the perfect mixture of both!

We understand that not everyone has the same idea of what a vacation should look like, which is why we specialize in designing travel itineraries that are both intrepid and indulgent. We believe our clients deserve the very best of both worlds.


Our theory on travel is…

Our travelers come first.

They drive our passion and curiosity, and we prioritize their needs and aspirations above anything else to embody the ultimate customer experience.

Our experiences are global, but we design locally.

We connect our travelers with local expertise to learn from and embed within the culture.

We believe travel is powerful & transformative.

Our experiences are designed to reflect, grow, connect and energize.

We commit to generosity, inclusion, respect, & safety.

We exemplify this by being equitable with our partners, conscientious of our environments, and learning from each other.

Meet Travel Theory

The Owners

I love planning travel to places that take your breath away. There is so much beauty in the world and it comes in endlessly different forms: icy landscapes, windswept fjords, ancient marvels, a scented breeze on your skin or that local dish you can’t stop thinking about. I’m passionate about helping you find that place to reconnect, recenter and create memories that will last a lifetime. Because travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

– Casey

My travel style is to go big and live life to its fullest! I come from a place of “yes,” ever since my first time living abroad in China. I love planning travel around bucket list experiences and unforgettable adventures. Combining activities and sports with luxury accommodations and concierge service is my niche. Splurge on the luxury hotel, book the heli-adventure, swim with the whale sharks! Once you open yourself to new experiences, you’ll find yourself on a journey that will empower and transform.

– Kitte

Our Travel Advisors

I believe a thoughtfully planned trip adds to your inherent knowledge, to your appreciation of the planet, and to your emotional intelligence as a human being. I also want you to be pampered and stress free! I want you to experience a WOW moment you will never forget. I want you to relax and connect often thinking “should we move here?” Let’s get planning!


Group travel holds a special place in my heart, whether it’s discovering hidden gems, immersing in local traditions, or embarking on thrilling adventures, I am here to design the perfect trip that will leave a lasting impression. Let’s embark on a journey together and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


I have travelled the world for decades on planes, trains, ships and yachts. I continue to enjoy adventures including culinary, health focused and unique hotels and resorts. Whether it’s for you, your family or a group, let’s collaborate to make your travel dreams come true.


Client Experience Specialist

Hi, I’m


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Let us help you unplug, relax and reconnect with yourself, your circle and your world.