Inclusive Tourism: Ensuring Accessibility for our Travelers

by | October 16, 2022

We believe in opening doors and expanding horizons for everyone we encounter. It’s in our DNA to innovate and think creatively when it comes to accommodating all travelers. Accessible tourism may not be top of mind for some travelers, however it’s an extremely important concept when it comes to how we interact as travelers with the world around us. We understand the scope and importance of accessible travel and are proud to share that Travel Theory is an SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocacy.

Below are some ways we ensure travel is accessible for all.

Special Equipment Arrangements

It’s hard enough to pack for a trip with baggage requirements from airlines and weather considerations, but for travelers that require mobility aids or medical equipment, packing can become an even more significant burden. Instead of letting our travelers stress about how they are going to get special equipment to their destination, we work with our local partners to either help ship the equipment, or source equipment locally to be ready upon arrival.

Arranging Inclusive Experiences

Accessible travel does not just cater to disabilities or impairments, but also for special needs such as slow walking, dietary preferences, traveling with small children or pre/post surgery requirements. We take the full travel experience into consideration, helping to make logistics, meals, and decisions much easier. From ensuring restaurants will cater to specific diets, to arranging tours that are family friendly, to including diverse perspectives and groups within every step of planning, we aim to ensure that travel is for all, and all are welcome.

Working With Equitable Partners

Inclusive tourism is collaborative, and involves working with various organizations, governments, tour operators, hoteliers and persons with accessibility needs. Effective partnerships and cooperation drive the infrastructure that we are able to operate in and provide special resources for our travelers. We choose to work with specific partners within the Virtuoso network that not only excel in the luxury space, but also demonstrate an emphasis in integrating accessibility into their social and economic impacts on communities and customers. This allows us to highly customize all of our trips for clients where we are able to cater to all requests and needs.

Travel Companionship and Nursing Care

We recognize that independent travel may not be possible for all of our clients. Through our partnerships, we can connect our clients with travel caregivers that can provide companionship and also assist with mobility and medical needs while traveling. Explore the world in a way you never thought possible with the assistance you need right by your side.


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