12 Days in Chile

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Santiago de Chile
Plaza de Armas
Torres del Paine
Patagonian Steppe
Lake Sarmiento
Maipo Valley
San Pedro de Atacama
Dinosaur Valley
Atacama Desert

Day One

Welcome to Santiago de Chile, commonly known as Santiago, founded by the Spanish in 1541. It’s Chile’s largest, most populated, city and has served as the country’s capital since colonial days.

You will be met at the airport and transported to your five-star hotel. Set within Santiago’s affluent El Golf neighborhood, the hotel is ideally located for experiencing Chile’s diverse landscape.

Day Two

Today you will explore the city. Visit the historical heart of the city, Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the renowned Central Market and Santa Lucia Hill.

Soak in the sights and sounds of Barrio Bellavista, home to the renowned poet Pablo Neruda and known for its picturesque narrow streets and gastronomic delights.

Day Three

Take to the air and fly this morning to a boutique lodge in the heart of Patagonia. Situated in a private reserve, the lodge has views over the Torres del Paine Mountain Range, the Patagonian Steppe and Lake Sarmiento. There is the constant presence of the Paine massifs, granite giants modeled by the force of the glacial ice.

You’ll be assigned a private guide and 4WD so you can explore at your own pace, visiting where you want, when you want.

Day Four

Inspired by old Patagonian shelters and ranching outposts, there are only twelve villas within the private reserve.

Each villa is positioned in such a way as to ensure the utmost privacy and also offer he best views of the forest, Lake Sarmiento, the pampas and Torres del Paine.

Day Five

No two days are the same. There are mountains, scenic glacial lakes, cascading waterfalls, awe-inspiring birdlife such as condors and herds of llama-like guanacos to spot and remember to keep your eyes peeled for the elusive puma.

At the end of the day, return to a warm and cozy villa and perhaps soak in the outdoor hot tub as the sun sets.

Day Six

Your journey is crafted as it unfolds. Discover the hidden corners of Torres del Paine in your private oasis, away from the bustle of the world.

There are endless areas where you can curl up with a book, share a bottle of champagne, enjoy a massage, or slip into a siesta.

Day Seven

This morning, fly to Santiago to continue your trip north. In the afternoon, head south to Maipo Valley, an area with the most fertile and best microclimates in Central Chile for the production of superb wines. Farmers here work the land using ancient techniques.

Visit both ancient and modern style vineyards responsible for some of the most famous wines in Chile, especially the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, with its delicate fruity perfume and deep color.

Day Eight

This morning you will fly north to explore the natural beauty of the Atacama Desert. Located in the ancient trading town of San Pedro de Atacama, your lodge has just 12 rooms.

Nestled behind an ancient adobe wall, you could easily pass by and not realize that a small lodge lies within. Inspired by Pre-Inca ruins, designers worked with a local historian to recreate adobe structures so guests feel transported into another world.

Day Nine

The landscape in the Atacama Desert ranges from salt to sand dunes. Due to the high altitude, horse riding is a great way to explore the otherworldly terrain as it allows you to cover ground without increasing your heartbeat too much.

Explore the desert with it’s geysers, valleys, canyons, petroglyphs, giant cacti, flamingos, vicunas, foxes, to name just a few.

Day Ten

The wonderfully named Dinosaur Valley might attract your attention. This valley owes its name not to fossils, but rather to the peculiar shapes that make up its topography.

Aligned for several miles, the hills have taken on shapes that are reminiscent of the spikes on a dinosaur’s back. This unique landscape allows for fantastic photo opportunities and the chance for horseback riding.

Day Eleven

Stargazing is a must when visiting San Pedro de Atacama where the star-filled sky shines bright overhead. The air is so clear in the Atacama desert that only minutes after nightfall the stars come out.

It is no coincidence that the world’s most prestigious observatories have bases Chile, a part of the world that sits under some of the world’s clearest skies.

Day Twelve

After breakfast outside on the patio, you’ll return one last time to your desert refuge to gather your luggage. Go by private driver to Calama to catch you flight home.

Our theory on Chile

The air in Patagonia is so crystal-clear that a lichen known for growing only in areas with no pollution coats the native woodland.

Visitors often comment that the view toward the Torres del Paine mountain range feels like you are seeing in high-definition.


I love Chile for its varied extreme environments. You can be hiking in the mountains one day and wine tasting in the desert the next. Beautiful lakes, vistas and mountains to be explored, this country has it all!


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