12 Days in Namibia

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Zannier Private Game Reserve
Sossusvlei & Deadvlei
Great Namib Sand Sea
Doros Crater
Etosha National Park


Day One

Fly into Hosea Kutako International Airport where you will be met by private transfer to Omaanda, a boutique lodge set within a 22,000-acre wildlife conservancy.

Namibia is a country like no other with vast landscapes, a low density of population, huge desert areas and amazing wildlife. Weather-like, Namibia is a dry country with extreme temperatures, so be prepared for intense heat in the daytime with chilly evenings.

Day Two

Today you will drive to Sossusvlei, a photographer’s dream and one of the most sought after and unique destinations in the country.

The stark yet ethereal beauty of Namibia is on full display here with the skeletal remains of old camel thorns strewn amongst salt pans, surrounded by some of the most spectacular sand dunes in the world. This endless expanse of wilderness is home to desert adapted species such as the Gemsbok (Oryx).

Tonight you will stay at Camp Sossus.

Day Three

Explore Sossusvlei and the surrounding areas. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Deadvlei, and the giant sand dunes of Namib.

Learn about the intricacies and complexities of the ecosystem. Gravel plains, mountainous areas with dry river valleys as well as a large raised plateau towers above the desert below.

The conservancy is home to Oryx, Springbok, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, Burchell’s Zebra, Kudu, Hartebeest, Giraffe, Steenbok, Klipspringer, Bat-eared Fox, and Aardwolf, as well as predators such as Leopard, Cheetah and Spotted Hyena.

Day Four

Continue your exploration today with a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. Rise above the world’s highest dunes for a bird’s eye view of the Great Namib Sand Sea.

Tonight, sleep under a blanket of a billion stars, comfortably tucked into a featherbed on a deck above your tent.

Day Five

Today you will fly to Damaraland. The dramatic barren landscape of the iconic Damaraland is home to some of the most fascinating flora and fauna in Namibia.

The arid region’s attractions include a petrified forest of fossilized 280 million-year-old trees, some of the best preserved etchings and rock art dating back 6,000 years at Twyfelfontein, and the highest mountain in the country, the Brandberg, which is covered in thousands of ancient rock paintings.

Day Six

Arise before dawn and watch the sun crest the rugged folded hills, plains and wooded river valleys in a largely semi-desert and sparse savannah.

Later, accompany your guide to track members of one of only two populations of desert-adapted elephants in the world.

Day Seven

Today, explore Burnt Mountain, Organ Pipes and Doros Crater. Doro !Nawas means ‘the place where rhinos roam’ in the Khoekhoegowab language. The area is home desert-adapted black rhino, elephant and general plains game and predators such as cheetah, leopard, lion, spotted and brown hyena.

Day Eight

Fly to northwestern Namibia, home of Etosha National Park, one of Africa’s most established and sought after national parks. From open plains to arid savannah, it has some of the best game viewing.

The long dry lakebed is the heart of the park and in fact is eponymous with the park itself, whose name translates to “Great White Place” after the characteristic coloring of this massive salt pan.

You will overnight at Little Ongava.

Day Nine

Soft air, crackling with bird song and a chorus of lion roars, this is just a small, spectacular part of the Ongava experience. Rhino approaching on foot, game drives into the fabled Etosha National Park, nights spent around the fire, watching as some of the world’s most illusive and endangered animals drink at at subtly lit waterholes. This is your chance to be immersed in the wild.

Relax in between game drives at your intimate camp. A grouping of only three spacious suites, each with its own plunge pool, en-suite bathroom and outdoor shower.

Day Ten

Guests at Little Ongava share a dedicated guide and vehicle, ensuring the best possible nature experience at one of Africa’s great wildlife destinations.

Day and night wildlife-viewing drives, visiting hides overlooking waterholes, walks and rhino approach with experienced guides can all be enjoyed exclusively on your reserve. Game drives and day trips into nearby Etosha National Park are also offered.

Day Eleven

Circle back to Omaanda via plane.

Here, relaxation is balanced with adventure through Omaanda’s partnership with N/a’an ku sê – a foundation dedicated to the conservancy of Namibia’s wildlife, land and cultures.

Track a rhino or a herd of elephants going for a swim; spy a leopard climbing a Jackleberry tree or simply experience the nocturnal beauty of the savannah – all with your own private guide.

Day Twelve

Enjoy breakfast with meerkats at sunrise before you transfer to Hosea Kutako International Airport for your flight home.

Our theory on Namibia

Namibia is full of adventure, but there’s a luxurious side as well. Take a dip in the pool during the afternoon heat and later enjoy a glass of wine under the stars. Even better, sleep out under the stars at least one night on your trip. The night sky is incredible in Namibia and not to be missed!


Sandboarding down the immense dunes of the Skeleton coast is a must for intrepid travelers.

Desolate, yet stunning, the desert offers an adrenaline-filled journey surfing down shifting sands with epic views of the ocean!


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