7 Days in the Yucatán

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Chichén Itzá
Punta Maroma

Day One

Fly into Mérida’s Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport where your private transfer will be waiting for you. After a short drive, you will find yourself in a oasis amid the steamy jungles of the Yucatán, a 19th-century restored hacienda.

From the moment you arrive at Chablé Yucatán, you sense a profound and vibrant connection. Nature, here, is openly abundant. Lightness permeates the land, and you take it in with all your senses. The everyday begins to fall away as you feel the present like a truth you have always known.

Day Two

After a morning swim in your private plunge pool, enjoy breakfast at your hotel, where most ingredients are either grown on-site – in the Mayan raised gardens, or ka’anches – or sourced from local small business.

This afternoon, take part in a Mayan Welcome Ritual, which recognizes the four points of the compass and acts as a portal into experiencing the here and now. Follow by an extensive circuit of hydrotherapy which includes contrast water plunge pools, steam room with eucalyptus aromatherapy, sauna and more.

Day Three

The Yucatán boasts a unique ecosystem of its own, a sprawling jungle where endemic species thrive and work together to give life to everything you see. Immerse in the world of Melipona bees, found only in the Yucatán Peninsula, or taste one of a kind cacao beans to fully experience the nature that encompasses you.

In the afternoon, birdsong ripples above and around you while you bask on your private terrace with a pool, comfortable furniture and a hammock, or while you soak beneath your secluded outdoor moon shower.

Day Four

The Yucatán is home to thousands of cenotes. These natural pools, set in limestone, possess cool, clear groundwater – and, some believe, healing properties. Considered sacred by the Mayans, they believed cenotes to be a gateway to Xibalba, the underworld, and the god of rain, Chaac, was believed to live at the bottom of these sacred wells. Today, go on a cenote-hopping excursion and swim in some of the best cenotes on the peninsula.

Day Five

Leave the jungle this morning by private transfer and make your way to Punta Maroma, set on untouched, serene coastline and one of the Riviera Maya’s best-kept secrets.

Along the way, stop for a picnic with local bites and a bottle of private-label wine. Then explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Chitzén Itzá. Marvel at the impressive pyramids and temples and intricate carvings created by this advanced civilization. Local guides will provide you with detailed insight and even take you to a sacred cenote.

Day Six

In the morning, relax into a guided yoga practice on the beach at Chablé Maroma and draw power from the ocean’s constant state of motion and renewal.

Afterwards, visit the second-largest barrier reef in the world, which lies right in front of Maroma. Swim in the Caribbean waters and explore the coral reef below the surface. The ocean calls you to experience its beauty.

Dinner is served tonight with artful dishes that celebrate the bounty of the land and sea.

Day Seven

Take an early morning swim in your private plunge pool before enjoying breakfast. Afterwards, your private transfer will be waiting for you to take you to the airport for your onward flight home.

Our theory on the Yucatán

Don’t miss a visit to the meliponarium to learn about the native, stingless Melipona bees, considered a sacred species by the Mayan. Taste honey straight from the hive that some believe to have medicinal properties.


The Yucatan has the best of both worlds: beach and jungle! Not to be missed are the cenotes, one of the most unique features of the region. Swim and dive in these natural subterranean chambers for an otherworldly experience.


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